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Annual Picnic of HCPPA Canada & USA - 2014
Fundraising For Land Adjoining Hostel Entrance by HCPPA Canada & USA
Ceremonial Opening of IAN KARAN HOSTEL (Hartley College Hostel Project)
Office Bearers of HCPPA Parent Body - Point Pedro - 2013/2014
Natha Vinotham - HCPPA UK - 2014
Inauguration of Hartleyites Sports Club at the School
Nominations form for the 2014 Executive Committee of HCPPA UK
Nomination Form for year 2013/2014 for HCPPA Canada/USA

Mrs. Kathiravetpillay Sellamma
Mrs. Mathura Kanaganathan
Mr. Kanapathipillai Velumailum
Mr. Rajaratnam Saparethnam
Mr. Somasuntharam Senathirajah
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   :: Hartleyites in Cyprus 
  • Hartleyites entered from Cyprus as of Sep 14, 2014 : 3
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    # Batch* First Name Last Name City Country E
    In Hartley For
    From To Div
    12002 Rajanayagam
    Karanavai )
    Ramanesh Nicosija Cyprus Click here to send an e-mail 1996 2000 C More
    21998 Rajanayagam Thees Nicosia Cyprus Click here to send an e-mail 1993 2000 C More
    31998 Yogeswaran Amuthathepan Nicosia Cyprus Click here to send an e-mail 1993 2000 D More

    Entries are in reverse batch order and then in reverse alphabetical order of Last Names ...

    *For the database purpose, the batch is an year in which some one took GCE Ordinary Level exams -OR- took SSC exams -OR- enrolled in Grade 10 class for the first time.

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