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Below are the messages we received for the 10th Anniversary, in the order in which they arrived!

October 02, 2008

It gives me great pleasure in sending this message of wishes on the 10th anniversary of the Hartley College web site.

Managing a web site, that too from a remote location is one of the most difficult tasks. As a person who has some involvement in a web solutions operation, I can understand the complexities in managing a site, and providing features which facilitates easy navigation and search facilities. I visit your site on a regular basis, not only to check happenings at the global branches, but also to check on news of school, even though we are more closer to the school physically than those who manage the site. The database also helps to check status on batch mates and friends.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hartley site ranks probably amongst the top three sites of the country and for that matter positioned as a well developed site amongst comparable school sites in the south Asian region. It is my wish that you will continuously improve on the features in the site, and remain as the most preferred site.

Congratulations and best wishes to the Managers of the Web Site.

Warm regards,
Shan Shanmuganathan
Chairman of HCPPA Trust

October 12, 2008

Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Hartley College Past Pupils Association (NSW), it gives me great pleasure in sending my warmest best wishes to the web team in celebrating the tenth anniversary of the formation of Hartley web site.

Our association consists of hundred and ten life members and about two hundred members in Sydney and around neighbouring towns in NSW.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the web team as it has been a well worthy effort and it has been serving the entire Hartley community in spreading the glory of our Alma Mater with committed dedication and tireless work. Most of the contents are very interesting and informative to all our members and associations spread all around the globe demonstrating the values of Hartley faith.

Years to come, all our Past Pupils' Associations and the website will offer sincere hope and support to build a bright future to our students at Hartley with better education and a college with all necessities.

Once again I thank for all your dedicated and constructive work



(K. Paskarajothy)
President HCPPA(NSW) 2007/2008
actual message -- MS-Word

October 14, 2008

Dear Web Team Members,

On behalf of the Hartley College Past Pupils Association, Victoria Branch I have great pleasure in writing this message to the web-team to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launching of the Hartley College Website.

The website has been instrumental in promoting and providing information about our school to the rest of the world. More importantly however, it has enabled former Hartleyites to communicate with other and rekindles friendships from long ago. Recently, a former student was able to contact a Hartleyite in Melbourne, as a direct result of the website. They had not been in contact with each other for 38 years! Thanks to the website, we have been able to witness many happy events such as this in Victoria, and hopefully there will be many more like this to come in the future. As a result of this website, Hartleyites are globally linked to each other.

We are able to access information about Hartley events, and students all over the world. Moreover, current student are able to witness the success of former students, which will give them something to aspire to.

I would like to personally congratulate the web-team for their tireless management and maintenance of this crucial website for the last ten years. We are all able to benefit from their hard work and commitment.

The site is continuously increasing in size as our respective branches grow, and it will become increasingly important throughout this expansion. I have no doubt that the web-team will continue the excellent work that they are currently doing well into the future.

Once again congratulations on this milestone!

Your truly

Nadesan Nanthakumaran
President - HCPPA Victoria Branch, Australia
actual message -- MS-Word

October 21, 2008

The Tenth Anniversary of the launching of the Hartley College Website signifies a decade of service to our adorable alma mater and ten years of delightful contacts among Hartleyites like me. It is pleasing events like these, along with the annual celebrations of our PPAS across the globe, which bestow an enchanting charisma upon our prestigious college.

Though the relentless march of life takes the Hartleyites out of their College on to splendid walks of life both at home and abroad they never allow their 'bounteous mother' to go out of their hearts and minds. The website launched by a team of brilliant pupils in Canada continuously nourishes this filial bond with a 24/7 sync with Her. Thanks to them Hartley College since then is virtually and perpetually in their homes and not in Point Pedro! And it is open to them day in and day out unrestricted by the revolution/rotation of the sun, the official hours/ days / vacations of the school, or, incidentally, even by the current military miasma around Her!!

Throughout the past decade the Hartleyites in all the important countries of the world have had a firsthand knowledge of the day to day glorious achievements of the College as well as some unhappy events caused by the ruthless military operations and the passing away of some of their beloved Principals , teachers, and fellow Hartleyites from their midst. They were also able to have direct email contacts with their friends and refresh their friendship and relive their school days.

The web team who opened the way for all these opportunities and pleasures deserves our best tributes and blessings. They have shown that the best way to predict the future of our alma mater is to create it. They are a proof of the truism that great things happen when good people, with a vibrant energy and tremendous drive, put their heads together. I join all my fellow Hartleyites in felicitating their fantastic service and wishing them many happy returns of this inspiring Anniversary.

Fiat Lux!

Principal of Hartley College (1985 to 1993)
actual message -- RTF

October 22, 2008

It gives me great pleasure in sending this message of congratulation and best wishes on the eve of 10th Anniversary of

On behalf of HCPPA (NSW) Branch, I would like to extend my gratefulness to Mr. Sivaananthan and his team for showing dedication and promptness in publishing our newsletters, event notices and actual throughout the last decade.

I cannot thank the web team enough for circulating e-mails regarding our annual events to our members whenever they were requested to do so.

The accuracy and attention to detail shown in this professionally presented website could only be possible by such a diligent team of old Hartleyites.

At the time of this 10th year celebration, it is important for us to remember that this website has been instrumental in securing financial help to two of our young Hartleyites for their kidney transplant surgery. Messages of appeal in the web caught the eyes of many Hartleyites from around the globe and they made generous contributions towards these worthy causes.

Once again I pass on my best wishes to our web team.

Yours truly,
President, HCPPA (NSW) 2008/09
actual message -- MS-Word

October 27, 2008

I would also like to commend and congratulate, the Hartley College web team, for their dedication to sharing information around the globe, and for making the College so visible to the world.

Mr. R. Uthayasooriyan
President of HCPPA UK Branch

October 29, 2008

I have great pleasure in sending this message of felicitation on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of our website. I offer my congratulation to you on this occasion.

The Hartley website has played a key role in updating Hartley news world wide over the years.

While I commend your past achievements, I request you, the alumni living all over the world, to make use of the website to get financial and other assistance from the Hartleyites abroad.

I also request you to give link for our staff and students to share their thoughts and ideas and publish their articles through WebPages and to have a daily updating of Hartley news.

I hope the past pupils living abroad will give their fullest co-operation to Hartley in the future as they did in the past. I wish you success for your future endeavour

Mr. M. Rajeshkanthan
Deputy Principal
Hartley College

November 5, 2008

I am proud and excited to see that Hartley College website passed 10 successful years. We have to compliment the web-team for this remarkable achievement.

While many of us may wish for additions of fancy cool stuff such as flash, macro and java to our web pages, it is my humble opinion that we keep it simple, specifically considering the limitation on time that can be dedicated by the web-team.

At the same time, I believe there can be few improvements to make things better, while keeping the outfit of the website as is.

I suggest to consider the following:

  1. A utility for the key office bearers of HCPPAs, the HCPPA Trust and to the Principal to post messages thereby the web-team may not have to spend their valuable time in formatting or editing the messages and posting them on the webpage.
  2. A subscription service for those who would like to receive alerts of any new posting by email.
  3. Reopen the site for remarks, and keep it like blog pages
  4. Update the history pages, and daily diary pages
  5. Enabling automatic update of the database information by members themselves

Our associations should help the web-team to find volunteers to assist in these improvements.

I take this moment to sincerely thank the web-team for their constant good care of Hartley College website, and for taking care of our requests to post messages and circulate mass-mails.


V. Vijenthira
actual message -- PDF

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