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   :: We Pay Tribute to the Memory of a great Tamil Son!
Valluvar in his immortal masterpiece Thirukkural says that when a man dies nothing is left behind in this world save his exalted glory which endures forever. Prof. Christie Jeyam Eliezer's name and fame neatly fits into Valluvar's definition of what real glory means.

Professor C.J.Eliezer, after a brilliant educational career at the University College, Colombo, obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. After a brief period Of lectureship at the University of Ceylon he returned to London where he obtained a D.Sc. in 1949. On his return to Ceylon he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Ceylon. He was also Dean of the Faculty of Science and for a short period a Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor.

In 1959 he held the position of Professor of Mathematics at the University of Malaya. In 1968 he was appointed the first Professor of applied mathematics at La Trobe University, Australia. Here he served as Dean of Physical Sciences and Deputy Vice Chancellor. He retired in 1983.

Pro. Eliezer is not only a well-known mathematician, he is also a philosopher and a man of great vision. His life's creed is based on the clarion call of poet Kanniyan Poonkunran of the last Tamil Sankam fame who lived two thousand years ago. He himself rendered the English translation of the famous two lines in the rich and ancient Tamil language as the centre-piece of the Tamil Research Conference held in Kuala Lumpur.

"Every country is my Homeland
Every man is my Kinsman"

Unlike many other highly educated Tamils who held exalted office and after retirement lived in comfort and style taking care of their grand children in far away UK, Prof. Eliezer took an abiding interest in the rights and aspirations of his people and unswerving dedication to the liberation of TAMIL EELAM , the country of his birth.

It is therefore no surprise that the National Leader of the Tamils His Excellency Veluppillai Prabhakaran conferred on him the highest honour of "MAAMANITHAR" ("Distinguished Person") for his acknowledged service towards the political and educational advancement of the Tamil people. As founder President of the Ceylon Tamil Association of Victoria he played a significant role in getting the Australian government in accepting thousands of Tamil refugees fleeing racist Sri Lanka after the holocaust of 1983.

He espoused the cause of the Tamil people in international forums pleading for the recognition of the Tamil people's right to self-determination under UDHR and International Covenants.

Prof. Eliezer will continue to shine as a beacon of light to generations of Tamils still unborn. His loss is irreparable and Tamils will sadly miss his absence. But death is like a thieve who enters a home uninvited. Millions are born but only a few like Prof. Eliezer are fondly revered and remembered. The greatest tribute we can offer to his memory is to work hard to make his dreams come true. We invite fellow Tamils to pay their tributes to one of the greatest Tamil son ever born.

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